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Valve Trim

Valve Trim

We stock over $3 million in various valve parts.  The majority of our inventory is Masoneilan, Fisher, Annin, Valtek and Hammel - Dahl.  Contact us with your part number or description!

Remanufactured Valves

Their purpose is so focused; their specifications painfully precise.

Yet every year they wait to find their match, their true place in the universe, they sense another nano-meter of metamorphosis sink into their skin.  

A glacially slow transformation, a sign of mortality that they, thankfully, do not have the capacity to understand.                                            ~ Emily Hadley

Valve Repair Surplus Fisher Butterfly

Orifice Plates

Sometimes quick deliveries are hard to come by when you need a specific design on your orifice plates.  We stock a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and materials of blank plates ready to be customized to your requirements.  Same day shipping is available for a variety of plates.

Custom Manufacturing

We maintain a database of prints for Masoneilan, Fisher, Valtek, Annin and many other manufacturers.  In situations where the parts are obsolete or hard to come by we can reverse engineer to OEM tolerances.  Just send us your sample and we will make prints, and PMI your parts to make sure we replace your old parts with the best we can make.


Annin, Annin, Annin... So many valves out there with so few suppliers stocking parts.  We are Annin strong!  IF you have part numbers that's great! But, if you don't that's okay too!  We stock trim, soft goods, bodies, domes, you name it... we got it.

What does a cat use to check parts?  CAT-LI-PURRS!!


We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Here's how you can contact us to learn more!

Give us a call: (985) 868-2583

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